Welcome to the Sambur Group at CSU!

Sambur group – Fall 2023

We are an interdisciplinary research group with expertise in analytical, experimental physical, and materials chemistry. Our group focuses on developing high-resolution imaging and characterization methods to tackle grand challenges in basic energy science, chemistry, and nano science. We envision that our discoveries will lead to new applications in solar energy conversion and catalysis. Sambur group members will gain valuable experience in materials synthesis, state-of-the-art microscopy/spectroscopy characterization tools, instrument design, data analysis, prototype device design, and proposal writing/communication skills. Contact Justin to learn more and follow us on Twitter!


Group News

New Feature on TMD work now in PNAS!

CSU Feature on Yusef Farah and Rachelle Austin’s research with ultrafast pump-probe transient absorption spectrometry to measure charge carrier properties of molybdenum disulfide thin films! https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2220333120 Chemists propose ultrathin material for doubling solar cell efficiency


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